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 Pondělí 8.3.

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PříspěvekPředmět: Pondělí 8.3.   Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:24 pm

Cash Game, Vácha, v osm, blindy 1,-/2,-, cca 5-6 lidi prislibilo ucast (ja, pajkus, dan, vita, snad tomas, mozna poli...)

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PříspěvekPředmět: mygolfclubsforsale   Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:04 am


My experiment with golf clubs for sale

So, my experiment began with a 2* upright x-20 7-iron of golf clubs for sale. This was very close and made a tremendous difference. I was amazed. But, dynamically, it was determined that the shaft was too short. The shaft was lengthened by 1/2" ishiner. This was almost perfect. It is unbelievable when you can truct that you won't hit thin anymore.
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PříspěvekPředmět: Seve's big day   Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:11 pm

There are five hundred and Callaway FT i-Brid Irons eighty seven golfers between Seve Ballesteros and Colin Montgomerie in the World rankings and only one man could defy such insurmountable odds to beat the World number three ranking in head to head matchplay.

Callaway FT-i Driver And Callaway FT-iQ Driver for sale!

Ballesteros lead by example in the singles matches of the inaugural trophy held in his honour, defeating British Captain Colin Montgomerie by 2&1 in a performance evocative of the matadors’ greatest years.

And Golf clubs to top off a memorable week for the legendary Spaniard, he contributed perhaps the vital point in the 13? to 12? European victory over the British team.

Ballesteros was in some unfamiliar positions on the course, sitting pretty in the middle of the neatly criss-crossed fairways of Sunningdale. But he didn’t let the Callaway FT-I 25th Anniversary Driver crowd down, playing some miraculous recovery shots we are all used to seeing in the autumn of his prestigious career.

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PříspěvekPředmět: Re: Pondělí 8.3.   

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Pondělí 8.3.
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