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 He now not only catch up with Nicklaus talking about the iss

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PříspěvekPředmět: He now not only catch up with Nicklaus talking about the iss   Thu May 26, 2011 10:44 am

He now not only catch up with Nicklaus talking about the issue arouses, he's talking about the health situation arouses. Woods gave up a game (Wells Fargo Bank Championship), because he wanted to give his "minor injuries" a little more rest time. The results followed by a game (Players Championship), he did not hit it out of the 10th hole, and the surrender of the achievements of his career one of the worst: 42.

The biggest change is that people's views on the Woods. If things happen now five years ago, all eyes will be on people's injuries, rather than his score on the scorecard. Last week, however, there are many discussions among the players that Woods shot over par, if not six, he might not be so quick to leave the stadium.

Whether Woods can catch up on Jack Nicklaus, it was mainly based on his status. "Golf Digest" magazine on its Web site launched a reader survey asking people: Tiger Woods can record. In 2002 Woods won the U.S. Masters and U.S. Open, the 73% of people choose to "can." Two years later, when Woods victorious 8 majors 2 ok ggg99911 0526, and began with Hank - Hani (Hank Haney), when co-operation, "Golf Digest" magazine asked the same question, 71% answered: "can not" . This is the changing characteristics of the fans.

But now completely different. Have not only a question of his swing changes. Since it was found out that he betrayed his wife having an affair, and his wife eventually divorced, he has been completely changed man. Not only neck injury last year, as well as the right ankle injected with cortisone Christmas, now is the U.S. Masters third round of the injury to his left knee and left Achilles tendon.

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He now not only catch up with Nicklaus talking about the iss
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