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 Major data even more shocking. Since back in 2010 since the

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PříspěvekPředmět: Major data even more shocking. Since back in 2010 since the    Thu May 26, 2011 10:51 am

Major data even more shocking. Since back in 2010 since the U.S. Masters, Tiger Woods took part in the stroke play 21 games without a win, only 7 times to enter the top ten, the harvest of the bonus only 210 million dollars. Thanksgiving Day in 2009, before the accident, he was the same number of stroke play won eight titles, the top ten 17 times, received 13.4 million U.S. dollars prize money.

Before the problem occurred, when Tiger Woods can play 55% of the sixth head, and the problem occurred, only 34%. His average to higher than 1.8 bar, in other words each match to be higher than seven. Now, here would be added to the uncertainty of health!

Woods still be able to win five major championships, Nicklaus finally break the record it? Whether he can win 12 PGA Tour events, breaking retroactively count - Shi Lide (Sam Snead) to create the PGA Tour championship record of it 3 ok ggg99911 0526?

"I think one and a half ago before Thanksgiving, it is almost certain of." Twice U.S. Open champion Curtis - Strange (Curtis Strange), said, "Last week, after he retired from the race, I started doubt. because of the injury, the replacement of coach, and the change in himself, he was losing valuable time. To break those records, your life is not so much time tossing. through which all things, he should come back, he has a Xianfeng to climb. "

When so many young players come to the fore when - the last four majors, 31-year-old McDowell is the oldest major champion - obviously, Tiger Woods to be more steep climb this Xianfeng . At the same time, it also made the kind of domineering Woods began to be suppressed. This domineering Woods won the case may be able to get it back, the problem is he is not even fight for the championship out of the question.

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Major data even more shocking. Since back in 2010 since the
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