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 Achilles tendon problem appears to be the biggest obstacle.

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PříspěvekPředmět: Achilles tendon problem appears to be the biggest obstacle.    Thu May 26, 2011 10:57 am

Achilles tendon problem appears to be the biggest obstacle. Swing coach, Sean - Foley (Sean Foley) said he was very surprised: Last week, Woods in the case of a month without training in the practice round is still so sharp. Woods played at Sawgrass last hole, his tee shot far away from the U.S. PGA Championship winner Martin - Kemer 40 yards, but when he climbed bunker behind the green came out, he looked walked with small steps faltering.

Perhaps the last entry was a mistake. If the Players Championship Tiger Woods to give up, he may have more than three weeks to his Achilles tendon to recover, and ultimately to good physical condition to meet the summer's three majors. Now he has come full circle.

In the United States between the Masters and the Players Championship four weeks. Similarly to the U.S. 4 ok ggg99911 0526 Open Players Championship between four weeks. That came when the Congressional Country Club, Woods, and last week the state may be as when he saw grass - just play a bad one, it could result in his left leg in the "chain reaction", and finally let him out of the race after 9 holes.

Former U.S. PGA Championship winner - Paul Azinger used to think that Woods will surely break retroactively count - Shi Lide record of 82 wins (71 wins Woods now), perhaps to surpass Jack Nicklaus's record of Grand Slam, but he never think this is a certainty. Now he even convinced that all the question. "The biggest unknown is the magnitude of the problem." - Paul Azinger said, "psychological problems still to be emphasized. He needed to ingratiate themselves to find a person with whom he could talk to him. He himself was very angry about this the world are angry, those who tear him very angry. Speaking of health, I was the first time a doubt. "

(Small Wind)

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Achilles tendon problem appears to be the biggest obstacle.
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