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 Memorial Stadium to lift the players address him water

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PříspěvekPředmět: Memorial Stadium to lift the players address him water   Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:37 am

Memorial Stadium to lift the players address him water

the other day, organizing the Memorial to the wilderness village experienced a rare heavy rain, the entire stadium as flooding, but now can not see the wild mountain villages have flooded the scene. Weather forecast this week is a good weather. Nicklaus and Rose felt after the test playing super.

If you go to the wilderness village last Thursday golf club, you do not need a golf cart, you need a boat, because the next course of almost an inch of rain. "In fact, we call it the wilderness lake." Nicklaus golf course founder, said.

If only that point Thursday, the flood might also easy to handle. In fact, since April, has been under the Columbus area, 12 inches of rain. To make a comparison may be more intuitive. This quantity is double the same period last year.

However, since the since the last flood, wild mountain village has been head in the sun, the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius all. In such weather conditions, the wilderness village recovered quite well. Weather forecast this week at the Memorial, the weather will be quite a match 4 ok ggg99911 0602.

"Friday I went out, I am quite surprised." Nicklaus said, "I played golf course, and I think that the situation was really good golf course, with every passing day, the state should be better. Course the current situation pretty well . "

Defending champion Justin - Rose (Justin Rose) played nine holes Tuesday and then into the air-conditioned rooms in an interview before acceptance. Comments for Jack Nicklaus, and he agreed.

"I've heard a lot of rain down here, no doubt, in some regions of the long grass is soft and wet, but the golf course is basically the state should have this time of year." Justin - Rose said, "looks green great, taking into account the 28 days the last 31 days in the rain, the fairways is quite solid. Overall, the course is in perfect condition. "

(Small Wind)

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Memorial Stadium to lift the players address him water
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