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 While this may sound exaggerated

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PříspěvekPředmět: While this may sound exaggerated   Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:02 am

While this may sound exaggerated

While this may sound exaggerated, but the June 20, 1964 that afternoon, Ken - Venturi really life in the battle. He eventually beat summer heat, dehydration and exhaustion, the longest in tournament history to win the life course among the only Grand Slam title.

"There is a question people always ask: 'how I do it?' And I told them that the first thing is always: It is like fate. It seemed like my destiny."

Ken - Venturi said, "I think I may have helped the strange idea to me, because I always wanted the fairways, greens, fairways, greens, and the next one how to do that. There is no tension. I have the talent to play out in the natural. 3 ok ggg99911 0607 "

Ken - Venturi is no doubt very talented, but also a father, Fred instilled in him the kind of driving force for excellence. Fred was the kind of uncompromising standards and a keen sense of diligent work attitude deeply influenced his son. He was a quiet man of the people, so when he mentioned proposals, he can convey the message to. One of his proposal, Ken - Venturi is still fresh. It was Ken - Venturi youth in San Francisco to win a game, he enjoys talking about how how well he played. Fred and his father said to him: "You can tell the world more than the owner know that you are good, but if you really good, son, people will tell you."

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While this may sound exaggerated
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