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 They struggle with the Irish people place

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PříspěvekPředmět: They struggle with the Irish people place   Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:47 am

They struggle with the Irish people place

Baba - Watson has said the French Open may be the last time he played the European Tour. However, he pointed out that the latest release of the schedule he will be in accordance with the original plan as to the European game. "I go home and rest for a week and then will attend the British Open, Scandinavian Masters, Denmark and Schüco Open (Schuco Open). I am quite looking forward to." Baba - Watson wrote.

Baba - the reason why France has attracted a non-Watson, mainly because of his criticism of the French Open. He said: "Every tee, they say do not call, do not shoot, but each tee has Golf Clubs For Sale a few hundred people do that." XXIO PRIME SP500 Driver Baba - Watson said, "This is not an ordinary event. Everywhere a camera, phone, no security, I do not know where to pass here without a rope. "

In fact, not Baba - 2 ok ggg99911 0705 Watson a player complained about the French Open. Two years ago, Ian Poulter as a photographer with the conflict, had threatened that he had never participated in the French Open. Poulter played the last season, the French Open, but this week there would be no competition.

U.S. correspondent for Baba - Watson's criticism focused on his lack of understanding of French history, lack the necessary knowledge, the "Eiffel Tower" called "The Great Tower", the "Arc de Triomphe" as "an arch" the "Louvre" XXIO PRIME SP500 Fairway Wood is called "L at the beginning of construction" and "Notre Dame de Paris" as "they struggle with the Irish people place."

(Small Wind)

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They struggle with the Irish people place
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