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 Allenby 14th hole hole-AT & T National tournament tied

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PříspěvekPředmět: Allenby 14th hole hole-AT & T National tournament tied    Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:48 am

Allenby 14th hole hole-AT & T National tournament tied

DENVER, July 4, Pennsylvania on Sunday, Australia's Robert - Allenby (Robert Allenby) played the best one day. Golf Clubs For Sale He Golf Club (Aronimink Golf Club) par four 14th hole hit a hole. Eventually, he was at AT & T National tournament tied for sixth.

Robert - Allenby said when his 6-iron contact with the ball at the moment, he knew the ball would hole. "Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can Wedge The ball always in the perfect trajectory." Australians, "said the ball landed perfectly, has been rolling up and then disappear."

Robert - Allenby said it was his turn professional after the first 15 to get a hole, also in Pennsylvania, he played the second one hole. 10 years ago, when the PGA Tour held here, he had a hole shot. When he hit a hole, he same group with JJ Henry. What is surprising is that this Sunday, both of them with a group.

"He is a good sign." 3 ok ggg99911 0705 Robert - Allenby said, "He said: 'We are in the same group once again you hit a hole in Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge a' really nice."

Robert - Allenby is hit at 194 yards into the. This is AT & T National tournament a hole in the fourth. "I guess I was aiming this comes." Robert - Allenby said, "You need to got one pair."

Frequent when the leaderboard when the sixth head, Robert - Allenby produce a 65, par 5. His four score of 272, eight under par, tied for sixth final. "They should not be as soft as the greens on Saturday, or less than the standard 8-under should be able to win the tournament." Robert - Allenby said.

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Allenby 14th hole hole-AT & T National tournament tied
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