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 U.S. PGA Championship playoff victory the end of Bradley

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PříspěvekPředmět: U.S. PGA Championship playoff victory the end of Bradley    Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:14 am

U.S. PGA Championship playoff victory the end of Bradley

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DENVER August 15, the fourth round of the U.S. PGA Championship, the race ended, Johnson - Da Funa (Jason Dufner) and Keegan - Bradley (Keegan Bradley) both playoff showdown, they four scores are 272 (-Cool.

PGA Championship playoff in accordance with the rules, if the 72-hole after the game, need to decide the championship playoff, the rules are as follows: first 16, 17 for 3-hole playoff; if still a tie, sudden death will be used first by way of the 18 holes, and if there is need, in the three holes 10,17,18 in turn, decide until championship.

The following is the text a three-hole playoff Record Straight:

18th Par4 471 Bradley won!

The first pole

Bradley: kick-off is very stable, middle of the fairway,

Da Funa: One beautiful wood tee, fairway center.

Second shot

Bradley: green on the left 18 feet away, winning virtually no suspense.

Da Funa: attack on the green and Bradley as the location.

The third pole

Da Funa: pretty long putt, birdie.

Bradley: long hole one foot to push off the distance to save par to end the game and won the championship!

17th Par3 160 码 Bradley two leading Dafu Na

The first pole

Bradley: 8-iron tee shot is very beautiful, attack on the green about five yards from the pin.

Da Funa: 7-iron tee shot on the green, putting the first following a long line.

Second shot:

Da Funa: Long pushed through hole to edge of the green. He is in the race three-putted the hole.

Bradley: more than one yard hole.

The third pole

Da Funa: pushed back to save par, hole and rub over a foot. Bogey.

Bradley: success save par, two ahead.

Par4 468 16th hole birdie Bradley Da Funa a leading

The first pole

Da Funa: One the first wooden tee, tee well, the middle of the fairway. His four kickoff is very stable, high rate on the fairways.

Bradley: kick-off is the middle of the fairway, far more than 30 yards away from Bidafuna. However, the stability of his four kickoff as Da Funa 2 ok ggg99911 0819.

Second shot

Da Funa: accurate iron marked with green, clean hole two inches and over. Downhill ball position, facing the right to push back inside the cave.

Bradley: the same precision on the green, two more than one yard from the pin position, ball position almost. Uphill putt, putt with Bidafuna easy.

Third shot:

Da Funa: Unfortunately, not forward, rubbing holes one inch by. Back putt to save par.

Bradley: forward, birdie.

Bradley leading Da Funa a birdie.

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U.S. PGA Championship playoff victory the end of Bradley
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