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 Tiger Woods Newest Mistake

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PříspěvekPředmět: Tiger Woods Newest Mistake   Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:46 pm

Tiger Woods Newest Mistake

Now, all of us may know that the one-time greatest golfer in the world missed the cut by a mile, leaving us with a trio of unknowns named Dufner, Steele and Bradley atop the leaderboard going into the final 18.
Somebody think that Tiger’s newest swing is a miss, why? Read this article carefully to find the answer! If you are looking to buy good and discount Golf Clubs For Sale , I would recommend the good callaway x22 irons to you!
The way Tiger Woods played golf at this PGA Championship – like a chopper – was the real end of the ride that began at the top of his driveway in Florida on Thanksgiving night in 2009. Woods shot 77 and 73 at the Atlanta Athletic Club and didn’t come close to making the cut and left us with a leaderboard that looks, more than somewhat, as if it’s been lifted from the Nationwide Tour.
Gary McCord was joking about Jerry Kelly’s putting stroke on Friday, saying that at the moment of impact, putter connecting with ball, Kelly looked as if he’d been Tasered. No, that was Tiger Woods’ golf swing in the middle of Friday’s second round, a swing that sometimes had so many moving parts he reminded you of Ichiro Suzuki nearly falling out of the batter’s box hitting a baseball.
Somehow a guy who’s won 14 majors can only manage to hit the ball straight now for a few holes at a time. And when the round is over, when Woods is talking about this new swing that a golf hustler named Sean Foley has sold to him like swamp land in Jersey, he sounds like Foley has brainwashed him.
“I have way more compression than I ever have,” he says after he finishes 10-over par for the PGA. “The ball is coming off cleaner, faster.”
Woods says, “I have to find in this model… a go-to shot.”
He says, “The cut in this model is different. The ball isn’t curving as much. I’m having a hard time aiming straighter.”
Finally Tiger Woods says, “I have way more power now. It’s just a matter of doing the work, spending hours getting it done.”
Woods can’t hit the fairway on No. 11 with a 3-metal, when he only has that club in his hand so he CAN hit the fairway. So he ends up in another bunker, over two days when he seems to be trying to set a world’s record for hitting his ball into bunkers.
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Tiger Woods Newest Mistake
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